vertical blinds French doors

Luxury, style and elegance come together when you combine vertical blinds with French doors. It’s a statement pairing that’s bound to attract admiring glances when guests enter your home.

Vertical blinds are a timeless style choice for a reason; they’re highly functional and versatile. Excellent at light and privacy management, vertical blinds are convenient to use and look beautiful in a diverse range of settings. Whether you have a traditional or more contemporary home, vertical blinds are a natural choice that will enhance your living space.

Versatile Nature

Thanks to their versatile nature and sleek design, vertical blinds are the perfect match for French doors. These doors are made to look elegant and offer a luxurious transition between indoors and outdoors. Because French doors let in plenty of light with a touch of glamour, it’s important to fit blinds that complement that European sophistication.

You won’t want blinds that distract or take away from the beauty of your French doors. That’s why vertical blinds offer a stunning shading solution.

Our high-quality vertical blinds are carefully crafted at our bespoke factory in the North East. Every order is made to measure, meaning we will get the perfect fit for your French doors. Furthermore, EasyFit offers an exceptional range of colours, finishes, patterns and fabrics to ensure you get the blinds you want.

Excellent Privacy

Whatever the look and feel of your interior and French doors, we can create bespoke vertical blinds that are a match made in heaven. Our blinds are guaranteed to enhance your French doors, offering excellent privacy options while not detracting from the doors’ beautiful aesthetics.

Vertical blinds are subtle and have clean lines, two desirable style qualities required for pairing with French doors. Because you want your doors to make a welcoming statement that speaks of elegance, light and security, vertical blinds add to that concept. They make your home a place you and your family want to be. They help transform your space into a room and entrance you can enjoy.

By design, French doors are made to create an inviting entrance. They let in generous amounts of light and imbue your home with a bright, airy feel. It’s a lovely feeling. However, there are times when you’ll want greater privacy, and vertical blinds are a sure-fire way to achieve that.

Complete Comfort

Vertical blinds are simple to adjust and have a fantastic range of movement, ensuring you get the ideal shading angle. It’s satisfying to pull them shut completely and create an opaque barrier. No one from the outside can see in, and you’ll gain complete comfort and privacy in your home.

Because we use the highest quality materials in their construction, our vertical blinds will keep performing like new with every pull and turn. They hang securely in French doors and create an attractive look that functions reliably. The fabrics we use are beautiful and tough – our vertical blinds are made to withstand the rigours of daily home life.

Climate Control

While you’ll gain an unprecedented number of angles and adjustments with vertical blinds, they offer more: greater energy efficiency. Close your vertical blinds on your French doors to create an additional thermal barrier. You’ll retain more warmth in your property, allowing you to turn down the heating. This is particularly useful for winter when temperatures plummet. Vertical blinds help you reduce your energy bills, save you money and lower your carbon footprint. Our blinds work wonders for your finances and help the environment by improving your home insulation.

vertical blinds french doors

In summer, vertical blinds are brilliant for French doors too. That’s because of their ability to block out light and regulate temperature. So, when the sun is blazing down and making things too hot, close the blinds and gain instant relief with a cooler room. Vertical blinds offer the maximum climate and privacy control possibilities – the optimum shading solution for French doors.

There you have it; vertical blinds for French doors are the complete package. Whether you want style, privacy, energy efficiency or functionality, you don’t have to choose one. You can have it all. Our vertical blinds are made to last and bring out the best of your French doors and home. We install them with the utmost care, so they fit perfectly for the whole family to enjoy.

Vertical Blinds Prices

EasyFit is proud to offer extremely competitive prices to supply and fit the best vertical blinds in the North East. Our team of expert installers have a wealth of experience, ensuring our customers only get the highest quality product and service.

We are delighted to fit cost-effective shading solutions that are accessible to various budgets. EasyFit aims to install the best blinds for your home at a price that’s excellent value for money.

If you’re ready to embark on your next blinds project to enhance your home, please get in contact, and our team will be happy to help.