Can I Install Blinds Myself?

Can I install blinds myself? A question we hear a lot! But despite what many believe, fitting your own blinds is a reasonably simple task. A task you need not pay the premium to have someone do for you!

Many people get a little daunted by the idea of installing blinds themselves, however, it's no more complex than hanging a picture or a new shelf.

It’s understandable though, that you might be hesitant to fitting blinds yourself. Your blinds are an investment. You’ve spent lots of time choosing the perfect style and design and measuring them of course! So, after all that, you’d hate to fit them wrong. However, at Easyfit Blinds, we assure you that installing blinds yourself is easy. All you need to do is follow our instructions, and you can’t get it wrong.

So, how can I install blinds myself?

While we’d love to delve into our fitting advice right here on this blog, the fitting instructions will differ for every style of blind you can buy! So we won’t get into the finer details.

But don’t fret. You can find all our fitting advice guides on our website here. So, if you wish, you can have a read of our guides and get prepared beforehand, knowing everything you’ll need and just how easy it is to install blinds yourself!

Of course, when you buy from Easyfit, we’ll deliver your beautiful new blinds along with all the information you need to install the blinds yourself. You’ll receive detailed instructions in which we’ll guide you through the fitting step by step, ensuring a smooth install!

Can I install pleated blinds myself?

What are the benefits of installing blinds myself?

The main benefit of installing blinds yourself is that you do it when you’re ready to. This means they could arrive and be hanging at your window, all in one afternoon! You don’t need to wait around for a measuring appointment and then an appointment with a fitter.

It’s also much cheaper! Installing blinds yourself means that the blind is the only expense, with no labour fees in sight!

You can do so without any specialist tools! All you’ll need when installing blinds yourself is a pencil, tape measure, screwdriver, power drill or power screwdriver, and a spirit level. You may also need a step ladder depending on how high you need to hang the blind!

How to install vertical blinds yourself?

Can I measure for them myself, too?

Yes, and it’s just as simple! Not only will we help you to install blinds yourself, but we’re also here to guide you through the measuring too! You can find our measuring advice guide on our website, but we’ll walk you through the process here too!

How to measure your blinds:

1) If possible, use a metal tape measure. This will help with the accuracy of your measurements. If you do not have one, any good quality tape measure will suffice.

2) When you measure you can use either inches or centimetres. If you use inches, measure to the nearest sixteenth of an inch. If you use centimetres, measure to the nearest millimetre.

3) Now decide where you want your blinds to sit. You have two options, on the inside of your window or the outside. The inside of your window is called ‘recess size’ and the outside of your window is called ‘exact size’. See the diagrams below for further explanation.

4) Now to get measuring! Start by measuring the width by measuring from left to right. Write down your measurement.

5) Next measure the length from top to bottom. This is also known as the drop. Write down your measurement. Top tip: always write down the width first, and then the drop or the length!

6) Be sure to look out for any protruding window handles to ensure the blind can hang freely.

7) We recommend that you measure in several different places to allow for any size variation. Note down the smallest measurements.

8) And just like that, you’re done! You can now use your measurements to find the perfect size blinds for your home.

At EasyFit Blinds, all our blinds are self-fit and easy to install. Other than our helpful 'how to’ guides, our team are always on hand to advise you on measuring and installing blinds yourself. When you choose Easyfit, you’ll choose from a wide range of roller, Roman, vision, Venetian, vertical, and motorised blinds. All of which come in a wide range of colours and fabrics. So we’re sure you’ll find something you love on our website!

how to install roman blinds myself

By now we hope you’re raring to go with installing blinds yourself! Presuming you haven’t already, why not get started and order your blinds today? At you can order up to 5 free samples from our website to make your decision that little bit easier!

Then, use our helpful measuring advice guide and use your measurements to order your beautiful made-to-measure blinds! Once they’ve arrived, you’ll be well-equipped with the fitting instructions, knowledge and confidence to install your blinds yourself with ease!