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Bespoke blinds, also known as made to measure blinds, are exactly what they say on the tin. They’re blinds that are made to your exact specification, from the width and drop to colour, fabric, style, and print! No two blinds are the same in the world of made to measure blinds. That’s the beauty!

Your alternative to bespoke blinds is off the shelf blinds. These are blinds produced in standard colours and sizes to suit the general population. Finding off the shelf blinds with the same benefits as made to measure blinds is unlikely. You’ll discover why in this blog…

When you’re looking to add new blinds to your home, the hunt begins. We can bet you’ll probably spend hours scouring the internet and your local stores looking for the perfect style, pattern and fit.

You probably even have an idea of what you want but just can’t find the perfect match or fit! We wouldn’t be surprised!

One option (your best option!) is to explore bespoke blinds. By choosing bespoke blinds you’ll be able to take your vision and bring it to life. But whilst that is a huge advantage, there are many more benefits to choosing bespoke blinds! Here they are:

The Benefits of Bespoke Blinds 

bespoke roller blinds

1) You are guaranteed the exact fit when you choose bespoke blinds

Not all windows are equal. We’d go as far as saying no windows are equal. Therefore off the shelf blinds will never guarantee you the perfect fit!

When choosing custom blinds from EasyFit you’ll measure your windows and send us the dimensions. In return, you’ll receive blinds made to fit these windows exactly! Plus, they’ll look fabulous.

2) Help with measuring for your bespoke blinds

Since getting an exact fit is one of the key benefits of bespoke blinds, we want to make sure you get your measurements right! That’s why we have a comprehensive ‘How to Measure’ guide on our website, to help you measure your windows successfully! Read it here.

It’s an easy job! But we recommend reading the guide carefully, taking your time, and measuring twice… Just to be sure!

3) Free samples

Ever bought something and got it home and it’s just not the right colour or texture? It happens a lot in soft furnishing, home décor, and clothes too! To help you to avoid these mistakes, companies like us at EasyFit Blinds offer up to 5 FREE samples from our website.

We want you to check your swatches in advance. Get the perfect textures, colour combinations and prints. Make a mood board if you need to! Whatever you do with your samples, it's important to find a look you love.

4) Made to measure blinds come in lots of styles and designs

When you choose bespoke blinds, you’ll have much more choice in style and design than you would find on the shelves!

You’ll choose from roller, Roman, vertical, Venetian, wooden Venetian, vision, motorised and pleated blinds. All of which come in a wide range of fabrics and lining options. Bespoke blinds are truly unique, and they’ll allow you to create bespoke interiors to your exact tastes!

5) Bespoke blinds with a good fit offer thermal benefits

Since they fit better, bespoke blinds will also work harder for your home. With little-to-no gaps around the edges of the blinds, the heat built up in your home will not escape through your windows! An important benefit in the current climate of rising energy costs!

Instead, your blinds will help to trap heat within your home in winter. Then, in the summer, they’ll reflect the heat and help you to stay cool.

6) Bespoke blinds with a good fit also offer better light control

With a better fit also comes better light control. Referring back to the lack of ‘gaps’ again, you’ll enjoy considerably less light leakage around the edge of your blind. For bedroom blinds, this is extremely important to help you get a good night sleep!

7) We’ll help with the fitting

We know what you’re thinking. But yes, there is another benefit! The last one, we promise!

So, you’ve measured your blinds, you’ve ordered your blinds, we’ve made them and delivered them. After all this, it’s important you fit them properly, right? Right! That’s why on our website you’ll find a handy ‘Fitting Advice’ guide where we talk you through the process step-by-step. You can find it here.

Again, a simple task but be sure to read the guide carefully.

Bespoke pleated blinds

Are you ready to get started and measure your windows for new bespoke blinds? Head to our website, choose your style and get measuring! On our website, you’ll find a comprehensive range of blinds that can be made to measure to suit every home, taste, and budget.

But if you have any questions or need extra help with anything we’ve mentioned here in this blog, get in touch via our contact form here.