Beige motorised blinds

Are you considering motorised blinds for your home? Good taste! These days, everything is motorised or operated by voice control technology. We’re able to control so much, from the lighting, heating, music and even the robot hoover! So why stop there?

Admit it, we’re all constantly on the lookout for ways we can make our everyday lives that little bit easier. Motorised blinds just might be the answer you’re looking for…

What Are Motorised Blinds?

Motorised blinds are luxurious window dressings entirely operated by a remote control that is linked to a motorised unit. To the untrained eye, they look the same as a regular blind. However, they’re lacking the chains, cords and hooks you might see with ‘normal’ blinds and have many other benefits to be desired.

They provide you with the ultimate level of convenience. Controlling the light and privacy in your home without having to leave your seat? The dream! Plus, having been around for quite a while now, motorised blinds are available in styles to suit every taste and budget!

How Are Motorised Blinds Powered?

Believe it or not, motorised blinds are extremely easy and inexpensive to install! The motorised unit which powers the blinds is built into the main construction of the blind, eliminating the need for wiring them into your electrical system and providing a streamlined finish.

Most motorised blinds are designed with convenience in mind. The ‘motorised’ aspect is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to six months – charged easily by a simple USB cable!

How Are Motorised Blinds Operated?

Motorised blinds are mainly operated by a remote control. This allows you to control the light and privacy in your home with just a single click of a button!

Motorised blinds can also be linked up to home automation systems. This means when you’re away on holiday or out at work, you can programme your blinds to open and close as if you were home! Therefore, motorised blinds work as a superior home security option for when you are not there.

Motorised blinds remote control

What Are the Benefits of Motorised Blinds?

Motorised blinds come with a long list of benefits for you to enjoy. Where do we begin…

1)         The Main Benefit: Added Luxury

Let’s start with the key benefit! The luxury! You’ll never need to get up and manually open or close your blinds again! Sit back, relax and enjoy the simplicity of life with motorised blinds.

2)         Ease of Use.

The simple design of the remote control means that motorised blinds are extremely easy to use and understand. Even a child could do it! Open and close your blinds with a simple click of the up or down arrow.

3)         No mains wiring

Contrary to what you may think, there’s no mains wiring involved with motorised blinds! Thanks to their removable battery, you can charge the blinds easily with a USB cable. The battery lasts a long time too. Expect to charge them around once every six months!

4)         Naturally Child-Safe

The cord-free nature of motorised blinds makes them inherently child-safe. Say goodbye to unsightly chains and dangerous cords and say hello to motorisation!

5)         Affordable

Once known for being expensive, we’re happy to tell you that there’s now a motorised blind to suit every budget. See for yourself on our website!

6)         Quiet to Operate

You may think that the motor inside motorised blinds might let out quite a lot of noise. Nope! The operating system inside motorised blinds is surprisingly quiet and won’t flood your home with any unnecessary ‘buzzing’!

7)         Perfect for Hard-to-Reach Windows

Velux and skylight windows are brilliant for letting tons of natural light into your home. However, there will of course be times when you’ll want to block that light out. Easily close your Velux window blinds using the simple-to-use remote control.

Motorised vision blinds

Which Blind Styles Work with Motorisation?

Motorisation is available with vertical, roller, pleated and vision blinds. All of which have design options ranging from statement prints and neutral fabrics to vibrant colours and textures.

So, the answer is, yes, motorised blinds are most definitely worth it. They’ll enhance your life with a touch of luxury, style and ease, whilst looking beautiful at the same time! If you are looking to add some super-modern technology to your home, our motorised blinds are the perfect choice for you. We have hundreds of styles available from Verticals through to Rollers, in a wide range of colours and designs. You’re sure to find the perfect motorised blinds for your home on our website!

To help you make your decision, you can order up to 5 FREE samples from our website! Simply head to the product page and click ‘order sample’. Why not get started now? Browse our motorised blinds and find a look you love.