1. Can I Install Blinds Myself?

    Can I Install Blinds Myself?

    Can I install blinds myself? A question we hear a lot! But despite what many believe, fitting your own blinds is a reasonably simple task. A task you need not pay the premium to have someone do for you!

    Many people get a little daunted by the idea of installing blinds themselves, however, it's no more complex than hanging a picture or a new shelf.

    It’s understandable though, that you might be hesitant to fitting blinds yourself. Your blinds are an investment. You’ve spent lots of time choosing the perfect style and design and measuring them of course! So, after all that, you’d hate to fit them wrong. However, at Easyfit Blinds, we assure you that installing blinds yourself is easy. All you need to do is follow our instructions, and you can’t get it wrong.

    So, how can I install blinds myself?

    While we’d love to delve into our fitting advice right here on this blog, the fitting instructions will differ for every style of blind you can buy! So we won’t

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  2. Blinds for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

    Vertical blinds for getting a good night's sleep

    Choosing the right blinds for getting a good night’s sleep is a crucial decision that you need to make. However, the best bedroom blinds for helping you to get a good night’s sleep will all depend on how you sleep! So, before we get into blind styles and their benefit’s, we urge you to think about a couple of things first:

    1) Are you sensitive to light during the night?

    2) Are the blinds for a child’s bedroom who goes to sleep before dark?

    3) Does your bedroom tend to get cold during the night?

    4) Do you require light and privacy control in your bedroom during the daytime?

    5) What style is your bedroom décor?

    Consider the above points carefully before moving on in your search for blinds for getting a good night’s sleep. Getting good quality rest each night is important. The last thing you want is your choice of blinds hindering this!

    Now we’ve touched on that, which blinds solve which problems? In this blog, we will guide you th

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  3. Benefits of Bespoke Blinds

    made to measure vertical blinds

    Bespoke blinds, also known as made to measure blinds, are exactly what they say on the tin. They’re blinds that are made to your exact specification, from the width and drop to colour, fabric, style, and print! No two blinds are the same in the world of made to measure blinds. That’s the beauty!

    Your alternative to bespoke blinds is off the shelf blinds. These are blinds produced in standard colours and sizes to suit the general population. Finding off the shelf blinds with the same benefits as made to measure blinds is unlikely. You’ll discover why in this blog…

    When you’re looking to add new blinds to your home, the hunt begins. We can bet you’ll probably spend hours scouring the internet and your local stores looking for the perfect style, pattern and fit.

    You probably even have an idea of what you want but just can’t find the perfect match or fit! We wouldn’t be surprised!

    One option (your best option!) is to explore bespoke blinds. By choosing bes

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  4. Blinds for Offices

    Vision blinds for home offices

    Whether kitting out your home workspace or refreshing your commercial office, office blinds are a crucial component. Since your office is where you need to be most productive, shouldn’t you be designing this room to be both comfortable and practical?

    Believe it or not, your blinds will have an impact on how you feel throughout the day and the output you're able to achieve. So, let’s make sure we get them right!

    High Levels of Light Control is Key for Office Blinds

    When it comes to choosing blinds for offices, there are many things to consider. What style do you want? What colour will work best? And so on. But the key thing to be aware of is achieving the perfect balance of light and minimal glare.

    Nobody wants to work in the dark. Nobody wants to work with a glare across their screen - or in their eyes. So how do you go about working when the sun is shining directly into your office window? You need to choose office blinds with fantastic levels of lig

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  5. What Are the Best Blinds to Stop Glare?

    The Best Blinds to Stop Glare

    You’re here because you’re looking for the best blinds to stop glare… Well don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!

    While we all welcome the natural light into our homes with open arms, glare is something we just can’t get on board with! It gets in your eyes, reflects off your phone, off your tv and off your computer screen. It’s far from ideal, and it can cause us some real discomfort too. So, let us help you with that.

    To be quite frank, all blinds stop glare. Close your blinds and voilà, the glare is gone. But we know that you need your blinds to do more than this. You want to stop the glare but maintain the daylight and the view. If you’re lucky enough to have one that is! You’re not asking too much, and we certainly have the solution.

    We’ve picked out our top styles that do a commendable job of achieving the right balance for you. Have a read of our recommendations on the best blinds to reduce glare…

    Venetian Blinds to Stop Glare

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  6. What Blinds Are Suitable for Bathrooms?

    Wooden Venetian Blinds Suitable for Bathrooms

    Despite the frosted windows we all have in our bathrooms, the additional privacy of bathroom blinds is usually necessary. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere that is! But not only that, we think they’re a necessity to finish off the look of a room too.

    Choosing blinds that are suitable for bathrooms isn’t as simple as just picking your favourites though. Bathrooms are hard-working rooms because of the humid atmosphere created by steam and moisture. This humidity makes your bathroom blinds vulnerable to distortion, mould, and watermarks. That’s why you need hard-working blinds up at your window to counteract it!

    Luckily, we have plenty of ‘hard-working’ blinds available across our range. Blinds that not only look good but are practical and easy to clean too. Keep reading to discover the blinds most suitable for bathrooms, downstairs loo’s, en-suites, and wet rooms!

    Are Venetian Blinds Suitable for Bathrooms?

    Venetian blinds are a brilliant choice for

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  7. Ideas for Living Room Blinds

    Roller living room blinds

    Are you considering new living room blinds? Does the glare from the sunlight keep ruining your view of the TV? Are your current blinds looking a little tired? Or maybe your existing blinds are just not getting the job done anymore and you’re hoping for more privacy? Whatever it is, we’re here to help.

    You might think that getting new living room blinds is a mammoth task – expensive and complicated, right? In fact, no. Getting new blinds for any room in the home is a simple job and there are options to suit every budget. The hardest part is picking your favourites! But fear not, we’re here to inspire you. We’ll begin by running you through our styles of living room blinds…

    Living Room Roller Blinds

    If it’s a smart and sleek look you desire, roller blinds are a perfect choice. They’ll sit neatly in the window and allow tons of sunlight to enter your living room. When closed, you’ll be able to enjoy full pri

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  8. Vertical Blinds For Glass Doors

    vertical blinds for sliding glass doors

    Create the dream combination by pairing vertical blinds with sliding glass doors. The two work brilliantly together, adding stylish function to your home. Why not push the boat out and enhance your property’s appearance and impress your guests?

    Sliding glass doors offer one of the best transitions into nature from your living space. They’re ideal for living rooms – letting in more light and making the space feel bigger. Glass doors bring the outdoors in, giving you a sense of air, nature and wonder. They provide the antidote to claustrophobia – you’ll never feel boxed in with sliding glass doors.

    There are plent

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  9. What Are The Best Window Coverings To Keep Out Heat

    Vision blinds to keep out heat

    Summer may be far off, but it’s never too early to prepare your home for hot weather. EasyFit offers an enticing selection of blinds that effectively regulate temperature.

    Our blinds have excellent thermal management properties that work wonders in both summer and winter. It’s all about knowing the right time to close your covering to block out light or retain heat.

    No one wants their living space to feel like a greenhouse. Yet modern houses are often designed with large windows that let in lots of light. It’s great for enjoying the view and being in touch with nature, but sunlight equals heat. Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. That’s true for heat. Our blinds prevent light from entering your home, enabling you to enjoy a cool, comfortable environment where you can rel

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  10. How To Measure For Roller Blinds

    how to measure roller blinds

    It’s never easier to measure for roller blinds for your North East home. That’s because EasyFit delivers blinds that are simple to assemble and install.

    We’re big on making things easier for our customers. It’s the reason why we make our roller blinds so accessible and cost-effective. We want as many homeowners as possible to enjoy our stunning products that enhance modern and traditional properties.

    Because we’re all about greater accessibility and making our beautiful roller blinds widely available across our community, we created this handy guide to help you measure for them and get the perfect installation.

    Measurement Tools

    Your measurements are only as good as the tools you use. We recommend using a metal tape measure to get the dimensions of your window or door. Why metal? Because it offers greater reliability and accuracy, ensuring you get measurements that reflect reality. However, if you don’t have access to a metal one, make s

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