1. What are the Best Blinds for French Doors?

    best blinds for french doors

    What are the best blinds for French doors? If you've recently installed new doors or have old ones, you could improve them by installing a set of blinds. Blinds can perform well for a range of reasons, improving your home's insulation on cold days and reducing glare on hot ones. And, unlike other improvements for doors, you can pull them up and keep the door as it was before.

    However, if you want to install the best blinds for French doors, which style do you choose? You can find several designs on the market, with different shapes, openings and more to make the decision a little more complicated. Not only that, the quality of the blinds makes a crucial difference. With a market-leading design, you could find that some of the best blinds for French doors have a bigger effect than others.

    However, at Easyfit, you'll always find the best blinds for French doors. With our wide range of high-quality designs, you can make a choice that'll always end up being

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  2. All the Different Types of Window Blinds

    types of window blinds

    At Easyfit, we do all the different types of window blinds. With so many to choose from, it's arguably more difficult to find the best blinds for your home from our range than to find good ones. We offer a comprehensive selection of blinds, from modern to traditional styles, and you can customise them to suit you. And, with our delivery system, you can get them in a way that suits you as well.

    Easyfit isn't an installer of blinds - rather, we deliver our easy-to-fit blinds to your home. We manufacture all of our types of window blinds at our base in the North East, working with expert craftspeople to create designs of the highest quality. From there, we can deliver them to you anywhere in the UK. At Easyfit, getting all of our types of window blinds delivered is free as well!

    So, if you want to explore which types of window blinds could be right for you, Easyfit has the lot. We can help you find the right style and help you design it around your needs.

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  3. Are Fabric Vertical Blinds Good?

    fabric vertical blinds

    Fabric vertical blinds are more than a good way to enhance your home. With the right design, these blinds can give you the flexibility you need to enjoy your home how you want to. Fabric vertical blinds are one of the UK's most popular designs, with a sleek and stylish look. Operating on a top rail with several vertical slats, you can move the whole design or adjust each slat to control the light in your home precisely.

    Fabric vertical blinds are one of the best ways to add these designs to your home. With a durable, hard-wearing fabric, your blinds won't fade or wear down in sunlight. Not only that, the fabric won't tear or fray for years to come, and vertical blinds shouldn't fold or crease for decades either. As a result, you can design fabric vertical blinds in confidence, knowing their colours will last.

    At Easyfit Blinds, you can order our fabric vertical blinds anywhere in the UK. Manufactured by expert craftspeople

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  4. Best Balcony Door Blinds Styles

    balcony door blinds

    Balcony door blinds might not be something you've thought about for your home before. However, if you have balcony doors, then you might be able to benefit from them. A balcony door is great for opening a living room or bedroom up to nature, especially during the summer. However, when you want some privacy or your room gets too hot, your balcony door can become an issue.

    Balcony door blinds fix all of that - by installing blinds for your doors, you can cover them when you need to and still be able to keep your balcony doors the way they are on warm days. And, during the winter, your balcony door blinds can provide an additional layer of insulation. Because of this, you can make your home warmer and more comfortable all year round.

    So, if you want balcony door blinds, which styles do you choose? With so many on the market, finding the right one is sometimes tricky. With Easyfit, though, you'll never make a bad choice. All of our balcony door blinds are

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  5. Are Electric Blinds Suitable for Bifold Doors?

    electric blinds for bifold doors

    Are electric blinds suitable for bifold doors? If you have bifold doors, then blinds are a great way to get more privacy in your home. While bifold doors can be open, sometimes they can allow too much light into your home. Not only that, you might start feeling a chill on those cold winter days. Blinds, though, can deal with these issues, giving you more control over the feel of your living space.

    However, bifold doors are usually quite a large installation. Due to this, using blinds for bifold doors can be tricky. If you need to pull the blinds down, then you could need to reach further up or around the glass panels to do it. Not only that, larger blinds can have a greater chance of folding or creasing over time, meaning they lose their neat aesthetic.

    You can solve that by getting electric blinds for bifold doors. With motorised blinds, you can control them from the comfort of your sofa or even your bed. You won't have to get up to tilt

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  6. What Styles Make the Best Balcony Door Blinds?

    what are the best balcony door blinds

    Are you looking for balcony door blinds? If you are, finding the best styles for balcony door blinds is the ideal place to start. Fortunately, Easyfit stocks a wide range of blinds that are brilliant for balcony doors. With soft yet hard-wearing fabrics, motorised options and a choice of several styles in our range, you'll be able to get the ideal design for your property.

    Balcony door blinds not only give you more privacy when they're closed but open your home up to nature when open. Because of this, it's important to invest in blinds for balcony doors that strike an ideal balance between both. With our made-to-measure blinds, though, you'll always get the right fit. You can get complete coverage over your balcony doors, and you can even get blackout blinds for when you want to shut the world out.

    Some balcony blinds could even replace the doors themselves on hot summer days! So, when you look for the best balcony door blinds, it's wise to find a soft

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  7. What are the Best Wooden Blinds for Windows?

    best wooden blinds for windows

    What are the best wooden blinds for windows? If you have windows in a traditional home or add classic style to your modern one, wooden blinds are ideal. Wood remains the most authentic material out there for capturing a classic feel. However, today's wooden blinds are more durable than older designs, meaning they're better suited to modern properties as well.

    At Easyfit, we love wooden blinds, which is why we offer two distinct designs to choose from. You could opt for wooden Venetian blinds as part of our range, or you could go for shutters that make a visual impact on your home. Both designs have their advantages, and choosing the right one for your home depends on what you're looking to add to your living space.

    In any case, though, Easyfit is the right choice for wooden blinds. We have a wide range of blinds we can make to your order and customise to suit you. From there, we can deliver them anywhere in the UK, and for free! Once you've got your blinds,

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  8. The Benefits of Buying Blinds Online

    buying blinds online

    Have you considered the benefits of buying blinds online? If you haven't, then you might be missing out on making a better home a much easier process. When you buy blinds the old-fashioned way, it can take more time than you might expect. You might need to visit showrooms, speak with teams and go through a whole host of steps before getting your blinds installed.

    However, buying blinds online streamlines the process. Instead of going through those steps, you can see all the options from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, you can get them delivered to your door anywhere in the UK, meaning you don't have to travel or worry about a company's coverage area. And, finally, you can install your blinds yourself with ease and at your own pace.

    At Easyfit Blinds, we make buying blinds online even easier. We offer a wide range of the most popular blind styles, and we offer free delivery across the UK. From there, we'll supply our high-quality designs to

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  9. Patterned Roller Blinds: Our Top Picks

    patterned roller blinds

    Patterned roller blinds can add a lot to any living space. When you don't want to have as much light coming through your windows, or you'd like to warm up your home, you can pull down your roller blinds to reveal a unique pattern. With so many colour and fabric options available, roller blinds are bespoke options for your home. As a result, you can design them the way you want to.

    Patterned roller blinds could be anything you make them. You could go for a simple, muted design, ideal for a bedroom or even a home office. Alternatively, you could choose sleek patterns in monochrome shades, providing a balance between personality and professionalism. And, finally, you could always pick bold colours and floral, zigzag or circular patterns, along with many more options.

    With all this in mind, patterned roller blinds could leave you spoilt for choice. And, with Easyfit, you can make the right choice in your patterned roller blinds supplier. We can send our blinds

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  10. Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

    vertical blinds for sliding glass doors

    Do vertical blinds work well for sliding glass doors? Sliding glass doors are brilliant on warm summer days, allowing light into your home and opening up to nature. However, sometimes sliding glass doors can cause some issues. For example, when the sun shines directly on them, an uncomfortable glare can emerge. Not only that, you might not feel like you have a lot of privacy.

    However, rather than let go of your sliding glass doors, why not install vertical blinds? Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors are an ideal fit, covering the whole glass section and giving you more precise lighting control. In addition, you can pull and twist these blinds in any way that you choose to make your living space comfortably. And, when you close them, you can shut the world out fully.

    By choosing vertical blinds from Easyfit, you can get the right fit for your sliding glass doors. Our vertical blinds come made-to-measure for any size of sliding glass doors, and you can

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